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First of all friends get to know about school connection. After all, how did the need for school involvement come about? It was the intention of the Rajasthan state government. (Shala Samblan Format). Improve the quality of education in schools. So did the officials. Improved education level in government schools. People can get good education. That too cheap. So that everyone can educate their children.

General information about the application :-

For this, repeated school visits were conducted. But what instructions were given last time? This was the problem. Now the need was, how do you control all this. What – do you want to check? All these were provided to you in one form. (Shala Samblan Format).

To download the form go to below page –

At present it is entered on the app. It was first start in the 2011. Improves the quality of education in schools. In a way, it gives them strength. The name was changed to Shala Sambalan. Changes were made over time. Now Shala Sambalan mobile app has been made for this.

Its purpose is only that. To digitize school overview. Here the form based on this app is being made available. Which you can complete during school observation. Now you can easily feed it on the app. (Shala Samblan Format).

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Purpose of the App :-

Providing support to the teachers of the school on the spot knowing the weak and strong aspects.
To check the quality of school teachers, education and school related work.
To understand and provide support to the teaching process and educational activities.
To understand the quality of work of school administration and school management committee.
To obtain information about the physical and educational status of the school.

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