How to change name in School SR Register

Hello friends, greetings to all of you on the portal. Friends, in today’s article, we will see how you can get your name updated in the school records. (name in School Record)

Whenever you take admission in the school. Then the documents are submitted by you. Names are added on the basis of these. Which is a very easy process. But when you have to modify it. Then this simple process is no longer easy. There are many complications in this.

In the next article, we will know about these upcoming complications. This process occurs in a certain sequence.

First of all you should know this. Cases of change in the name of the student’s father will not be presented in the office. Only cases of students studying can be presented.

The following documents should be attached with the application form of the student or guardian –

  1. Original certificate / affidavit of the authorized court in which student, father’s name, present school and class in which studying is certified.
  2. Advertisement published in recognized daily newspaper. This newspaper should be of state level.
  3. Written declaration should be taken from the guardian, he will be responsible for any dispute arising out of the change of name of the student.
  4. Copy of Admission Application Form.
  5. T.C. of pre-school.
  1. Copy of the scholar related to the student.
  2. Remarks of the head of the institution. For update name in School Record
  3. The District Education Officer will investigate the matter and issue orders if satisfied.

When all the above tasks are completed, then the school head will do the following tasks.

  1. Institution head will amend the name/surname by marking the order number and date and certify it.

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