Students fund fees rules for Rajasthan Government Schools


Whenever it comes to the ideals of children, then the name of the school comes first in it. A child learns to read and write from his school, his learning is not limited to this. He also gets many other things and career counseling from the school. But today the fee structure is so complex, that it has become a very expensive game for a common citizen to get his children educated. But the State Government and the Government of India are still committed to provide high standard education within very low fees. This rule works in government Hindi and English medium schools. Here you need some documents for admission, which are as follows – (Student Fund Fees Rules for Rajasthan Government Schools)

Documents required for admission:

To enroll in any school, applicants are required to complete an application form. However, it is important to note that the application form will be provided only after all the required documents are collected. Depending on the student fund fees rules, these documents include the following:

  • Transfer Certificate
  • previous class mark sheet
  • Birth Certificate (required for admission in first class)
  • In the absence of birth certificate, affidavit of father has to be attached.
  • One latest passport size photograph
  • caste certificate
  • Aadhar Card (Student, Mother and Father)
  • Bhamashah Card
  • bank passbook
  • income certificate
  • CWSN Certificate (for children with special needs)
  • BPL certificate (for below poverty line category)
  • ration card

School Fee Structure:

Under the Right to Education (RTE) schedule, education tuition fees have been waived off for children from classes one to eight, ensuring that primary education is accessible and accessible to all. However, there is a provision for tuition fees for classes IX to XII, which are as follows:

Student Fund:

Class 9 to 10: General – Rs.200/-; SC/ST/SBC/OBC – Rs 100/-
Class 11 to 12: General – Rs.300/-; SC/ST/SBC/OBC – Rs 150/-

Additional / Other Fees:

Scout Fee: Rs 5/- (Applicable for class 9 to 12)
SUPW Fee: Rs 50/- (Applicable for class 9 to 10)
Lab Fee: Rs 100/- (Applicable for class 11 to 12)

Government Fund:

Admission/Re-admission Fee: Rs.10/- (Applicable for class 9 to 12)
Transfer Certificate Fee: Rs 5/- (Applicable for class 9 to 12)

Development Fund:

The amount will be taken as per the proposal approved by the School Development and Management Committee, which will be lump sum only.


The admission process, along with the required documentation, ensures a systematic enrollment process. Furthermore, the fee structure mentioned under the RTE schedule guarantees that primary education remains accessible to all students of the state.

Download First Admission Application Form : admission form

In the schedule of RTE (right to education), education from class 1 to 8 has been prescribed free of tuition fee, to ensure that every child gets primary education.

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