Rajasthan Sustainable Remediation Program

Introduction to Remediation Program :

Remediation Program has been started to improve the learning level of every student of every school. This program has been started under remedial education. In this, mainly the students who lag behind in studies or learn through rote learning. It has been started to bring them to a better level of learning. This program has been started to help children learn by focusing on understanding rather than rote learning.

Target Classes:

The remediation program targets students from class 3 to 8. It has been started for the session 2023 – 24 for the RKSMBK programme.

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Objective :

Like every programme, it also has a definite objective. Instead of cramming the students from class 3 to 8 through a work book, the teacher has to bring them forward by giving them proficiency based teaching in the right way and understanding, so that they are not left behind other students. It has been linked with the growing step program in education of Rajasthan. In which students will get a chance to study entertainingly, so that qualitative improvement of the students can be ensured.

Time :

Remediation Program timings will be from 8:00 am to 9:30 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This program will be conducted immediately after the prayer meeting. A total time of one hour 30 minutes has been allotted for this. As soon as school timings change. The program will also start running from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.


Entry on Shala Darpan:

The fixed time table of this program will have to be recorded on Shala Darpan. In which complete information about which teacher gets remediation done for which subject at what time will be updated on the online Shala Darpan portal.

Workbook for the academic session 2023-24 :

Workbooks named Pahal for class 3 students, Prayas for class 4 – 5, Pravah for class 6 – 7 and Prakhar for class 8 have been released. In which chapters below class level have been included.

Along with this, this time all the pages in the workbooks have been given colour. So that children enjoy the workbook. The level of difficulty is also given in each worksheet.

Instructions have also been given for the teacher. With the help of which the teacher can organize activities in the class room.

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