Affidavit Forms and Formats in Rajasthan State Government

Quality information and forms are always provided here for you. In this article, today I have brought for you in the state of Rajasthan mainly the forms related to the ongoing affidavit and format. The forms provided here are only for your help. If there are any forms which are not available on the portal, you can comment in the comment section. Our team will make every effort to provide the form to you.

Format DescriptionDownload
1Sale Deed (विक्रय पत्र)Click Here
2Mortgage Deed (बंधक पत्र)Click Here
3Agreement to Sell (विक्रय इकरारनामा)Click Here
4Gift Deed (दान पत्र)Click Here
5Will (वसीयतनामा)Click Here
6GodnamaClick Here
7Partition letter (विभाजन पत्र)Click Here
8General Agreement (सामान्य समझौता पत्र)Click Here
9Loan Agreement (ऋण समझौता)Click Here
10Award (अवार्ड)Click Here
11Cancellation Deed (दस्तावेज निरस्तीकरण प्रलेख)Click Here
12Supplementary Deed (पूरक दस्तावेज प्रपत्र)Click Here
13Divorce Deed (तलाक नामा)Click Here
14Lease Deed Less Then 20 Years, (20 वर्ष से कम अवधि के लिए लीज डीड)Click Here
15Lease Deed (पट्टा)Click Here
16Bhogbandhak Patra (भोग बंधक पत्र)Click Here
17Partnership Deed (भागीदारी प्रलेख)Click Here
18Partnership Disolve (भागीदारी विघटन प्रलेख)Click Here
19Power of Attorney (अधिकार पत्र/मुख्त्यार्नामा)Click Here
20Transfer of Bandhak, (बंधक सम्पति का पुनः हस्तांतरण)Click Here
21Release Deed Ancestral (पैतृक सम्पत्ति का हक त्याग – पत्र)Click Here
22Samarpan Patra (समर्पण पत्र)Click Here
23Nyas Patra (न्यास पत्र का प्रारूप)Click Here
24Will Cancellation Deed (वसीयत निरस्तीकरण डीड)Click Here
25Mininglease Deed. (कृषि भूमि पर खनन लीज के लिए सहमति पत्र)Click Here
26Agriculture Vinimay Patra (कृषि भूमि का विनिमय पत्र)Click Here
27Developers AgreementClick Here
28Exchange Deed (विनिमय पत्र)Click Here
29Lease Deed More 20 YearsClick Here
30Release Deed Non-ancestral (हक त्याग – पत्र)Click Here
31Family Settlement (पारिवारिक समझौता)Click Here
32Transfer of Lease by way of AssignmentClick Here
33Stamp Vendor License formClick Here

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