Guidelines for Operating Robotics Lab

Robotics is a dream. Which the children of any government school cannot even dream of, but now this dream is about to come true as a pilot project in total 201 schools of Rajasthan. This scheme has currently been implemented in Mahatma Gandhi English medium schools.

क्या आप इस लेख को हिन्दी में पढ़ना चाहते है ?

Let us know some unknown aspects about the operation of robotics lab –

Objective of the Program :

  • In this project, students are to be made aware of new scientific technologies through general knowledge using electronic, electrical, mechanical, artificial intelligence, machine learning and various IT related equipment and sensors.
  • Students will be able to understand the elements of ideation, design and computational thinking to enable circuit, simulation and real-time prototyping.
  • AI-ML Lab / AI/ML Digital Program: Covers AI learning, data, data visualization, problem solving and decision making, languages of AI, ethics and introduction to AI.

Expectations from robotics lab operations :

The following expectations have been set –

  • Students of government schools should also be able to get introduced to the world of robotics.
  • To prepare the population based on the needs of the coming times.
  • To make the country the technological hub of the world in future.
  • Converting the country from an importer to an exporter.

Some responsibilities are given below. Which is for school level. Also, the first two responsibilities are for the service provider company –

  • The duration of lab operation will be one year.
  • The service provider company will also provide one year insurance.
  • In-charge of the lab will be appointed at the school level.
  • Where computer instructors are engaged, they will be made in-charge.
  • At least one hour training will be given per week.
  • Training will be ensured from class 6 to 12.
  • Inviting feedback forms from time to time for enhancing the knowledge of students.
  • Proper maintenance of equipment after training.
  • To arrange assessment at school level every month.
  • Ensuring daily use of the robotics lab, so that the equipment remains functional.
  • It will also be the responsibility of the school to ensure that all students are using the robotics lab.
  • To maintain the register. So that we can get information about which class has used it and when.

Click to see the order issued by the School Education Council.

See the list of schools running robotics labs in Rajasthan.

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