e-GRAS (Government Receipts Accounting System)

Introduction :-

e-GRAS is an online Government Receipts Accounting System. The departments which generate revenue for the Rajasthan Government are associated with e-GRAS.

To Login in e-GRAS, One has to click on new user. Thereafter requires to fill up their credentials. Once the login ID is generated then one is authorised to use e-GRAS for all types of challan (Education and GST etc.) submission.

Who can avail this Service :-

Any user who has to deposit rajasthan government receipts can use this facility provided in this portal. The user can be a single person, association, entity, government, semi-government units, companies and other all departments etc.

Advantages :-

There are some advantages to the citizens provided through e-GRAS areas follow:

  • The e-GRAS facility is available on 24 * 7 hours.
  • The e-GRAS offers ease of operation and convenience.
  • On-line payment of taxes (No more queues and waiting).
  • One can deposit on behalf of the firm, company, Department and others.
  • Online Filling of single challan form minimum fields of the challan need to be filled.

Online Payment Procedure :-

The citizens can register through the official portal of e-GRAS to make payment online, follow the steps mentioned below:

♦ Step 1 : Firstly, you have to log in through the website.

♦ Step 2 : If you are an existing user, in this website.

♦ Step 3 : If you are a new user, click on “New User?Sign up” button.

♦ Step 4 : where you need to fill the personal details and then click on the “Submit” button.

NOTE :- Every required information with a ‘*’ is to be entered mandatory with correct and reliable info.

  • Login ID : In this field you have to provided a unique ID for login.
  • Check Availability : By clicking on this link, you can find whether the login id you have provided ‘exists already’.
  • Password : In this field you have to provide a password. You have to choose the password with the following orientation :
    · Password should be contain at least 6 characters.
    · Provide at least one numeric digit.
    · Provide at least one capital letter.
    · Password should contain at least one special character from @#$%*&.
  • Confirm Password : In this field provide same password who entered in ‘password field’.
  • First Name : In this field you have provide to your first name.
  • Last Name : In this field you have provide to your last name.
  • Gender : In this field have to select your gender.
  • DOB : In this field you have provide to your date of birth.
  • Marital Status : In this field you have to select your marital status, whether ‘married’ or
  • E-mail ID : In this field you have provide to your email id.
  • Address : In this field you have provide to your address.
  • Country : In this field you have to select your country from a given list.
  • State : In this field you have to select your state from a given list.
  • City : In this field you have to select your city from a given list.
  • Mobile : In this field you have provide to your mobile number. ( Mobile no. verified by OTP)
  • Pin code : In this field you have provide to your pin code.
  • Select your security Question : In this field you have to select a security question from a given list.
  • Answer : In this field you have to enter an answer manually to the security question.
  • Capcha : In this field you provide to the capcha code.

Enter all the required information then click on the “submit” button.

♦ Step 5 : Click on the ‘Create Profile’ link to generate payment profile. Provide profile name is manually. If you have already created a profile (GPA, education fee etc.). Then select your useful profile from the Profile List and “click” on the “Continue” tab.

♦ Step 6 : Department : Selected department name will display in the list.

♦ Step 7 : >> : To add budget heads in scheme click on >>.

♦ Step 8 : << : To remove budget heads in scheme click on <<.

♦ Step 9 : After selecting budget heads click on “submit”.

Reset : To discard all selected budget heads click on Reset.

♦ Step 10 : Select the challan profile. Thereafter select challan mode E- banking or Manual – banking and click on the “Continue” button.

Fill E-challan :

  • District : You have to select location.
  • Profile : Choose a required profile.
  • Office Name : You have to select Office Name.
  • PAN / TAN no. : You have to enter your PAN No.
  • Year (Period) : You have to select Year.
  • Budget Head : List of budget heads from schema/profile would display here.
  • Amount in Rs. : You have to enter your Net Amount. Amount in words would be from server.
  • Remark : Enter the remark or purpose of the challan you are submitting.
  • You have to select a payment type.
    a. e-Banking : user will be using online bank transaction.
    b. Manual : user will be depositing amount in cash/cheque.
  • Remitter Name : Show automatically.
  • PIN : Show automatically PIN code.
  • Enter your Address.
  • Enter budget head /purpose wise amount in rupees.
  • Click on “submit” after furnishing all required information.

Que. – What is GRN.

Ans. – GRN ( Government Receipt Number )

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