Half pay leave /Commuted leave

Half pay leave / Commuted leave Rule :-

  1. Based on medical reasons / personal work, 20 half pay leave is payable to an employee’s account in a financial year.(93 i) 
  2. Employees can convert these half pay leave into their Commuted Leave to suit their convenience. (93 ii)
  3. An employee can get the maximum of 480 half pay leave in his service during the converted commuted leave.
  4. When is the converted leave granted, Then there will be debited double haf-pay leave.
  5. Half pay leave of maximum 180 days during full service can be converted without medical certificate.
  6. In special cases, if there is no haf-pay leave in the account of the employee, then the benefit of leave not due can be given to the employee.
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Leave Not Due :-

  1. Leave not due is granted when there is no half pay leave at credit and the employee requested for the grant of leave not due.
  2. This leave is also granted on medical certificate normally.
  3. It is granted only if the leave sanctioning authority is satisfied that there is a reasonable prospect of the employee returning to duty on on its expiry.
  4. The amount of leave should be limited to the haf-pay leave that the employee is likely to earn subsequently.
  5. Leave not due during the entire service is limited to a maximum of 360 days out of which not more than 90 days at a time and 180 days in all may be otherwise than on medical certificate.
  6. An employee granted leave not due resigns from the Govt. service or is permitted to retire voluntarily without returning to duty, the leave not due should be cancelled.
  7. The resignation / retirement / will take effect from the date on which such leave had commenced and the leave salary should be recovered.
  8. If a Government servant who having availed himself of leave not due returns to duty but resigns or retires from service before he has earned such leave, he shall be liable to refund the leave salary to the extent the leave has not been earned subsequently.

Note :- If the retirement is by reason of ill- health or in the event of his death, leave salary shall not be recovered.

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