Last Pay Certificate

About Last Pay Certificate/ LPC :-

When an employee is transferred from one place to another place. In the last pay certificate, the details of the salary allowances drawn by the employee and the deductions from his salary will be mentioned. It will be prepared in 4 copies.

Law 145 to 148 is last pay certificate.

Law 145 :-

When an employee is transferred from one place to another place. His salary allowances are drawn from another treasury / office. He will get last pay certificate from DDO in formet G.A. 62. So that he can drawl salary from new office / treasury.

Intership of last pay certificate :-  This is law 146.

  • Details of salary drawn and amount of allowances drawn in the LPC period upto which drawn. The date and time of joining the duty permissible would include. In this notice, the GPF Account . State Insurance Policy No., Life Insurance Policy no. And other types of recovery loan advance), which are to be made from his salary.
  • DDO shall be liable with regard to the correctness of the appropriate particulars.
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Maximum time to issue last pay certificate :-

The last pay certificate usually receives the charge report After release. It will be released within four days but if any case, it will be released within a maximum of 10 days. If the last salary certificate has not been received by the Government servant within the above time period, the Government servant will report the matter to the Head of the Department. (Law 147)

Salary pay in the absence of LPC :-

The office-bearers of Government Offices, who have not received the LPC, will authorize a government servant on the basis of a statement given for withdrawal of salary and allowances for the first three months. He shall mention the salary and allowances of the last drawn withdrawal, all types of recoveries and net due amount in this statement. In special cases, he will be able to increase this type of facility by mentioning the reasons for the next 3 months and the next period. (Law 148)

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