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Child Care Leave rule of rajasthan government : FINANCE DEPARTMENT (RULES DIVISION), GOVERNMENT OF RAJASTHAN (Fourth Amendment) Rules 2018 Rule 103C (Child Care Leave) No. F. 1(6)FD/Rules/2011 Jaipur, date : 22 may 2018 NOTIFICATION

  1. For the care of the first two surviving children (in the case of nurturing or such as examination, sickness etc.), the female employee will be able to be accepted by the Child Care LeaveAble to the maximum of 2 years i.e. 730 days during the entire service cycle.

The child means-

  • A child below the age of eighteen years.
  • A child upto the age of twenty two years with a minimum disability of forty percent.

2. Acceptance of Child Care Leave under this rule shall be subject to the following conditions, namely:-

  • Female employees will be entitled to leave salary at the same rate of pay received before leaving the leave during child care leave.
  • This Leave can be combined with any other payable leaves.
  • The application for the leave acceptance in the prescribed format by the State Government should be given sufficient time to the competent authority well in time for sanction.
  • This Leave can not be claimed rightfully. Under no circumstance can any female Government
    servant proceed on Child Care Leave without prior approval of the leave sanctioning officer.
  • Applying after unauthorized absence from child care duty will not be acceptable under any circumstances.
  • Vacations being consumed or consumed by women personnel will not be converted into child care leave under any circumstances.
  • This Leave will not be debited in any other holiday account. In the form prescribed by the State Government, its separate leave account will be adjusted and it will be reprinted in the service book.
  • The Vacation Approval Officer can reject the delayed application for the smooth operation of the office or the achievement of departmental goals.
  • This Leave will not be accepted more than three times in a calendar year. Beginning in a calendar year, if the holiday is completed in the second calendar year, that spell will be counted in the starting year.
  • Usually this holiday will not be acceptable during the probationary training period. In case of acceptance under special circumstances, probationary time will be extended for the same period.
  • This leave treated with just like Privilege Leave and sanctioned as such.
  • Sunday and other holidays will be added before or after this leave. Like the Sunday, Gazetted and other holiday accrued holiday in the middle of the child care leave, the leave count will be child care leave.
  • Apart from the disability certificates issued by the competent authority / medical board before leave acceptance regarding the disabled child, certificate of being dependent on the female personnel will be taken from the female employee.
  • In the event of discomfort or examination of the child living abroad, leave can be accepted on the basis of certificates received from the authorized physician / educational institution. Regarding the leave of foreigners living abroad, the rules / directions of foreign travel leave will be followed and 80 percent of the leave period will be spent in the same country where the child is living.
  • If you want to have a holiday during the examination of a child living in a hostel or country abroad, women personnel will have to explain how they will take care of the child.
  • This vacation will not be payable to the Probationers. Even if someone takes it, its probation will be extended ahead of the leave period.

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