Casual Leave and Special Casual Leave

Permanent working employees is entitled to 15 casual leave (CL) in a year. The employee can take up to 10 days of CL at a time. No more than 10 days of casual leave are allowed at one time by the competent officer.

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If a Sunday, state holiday or weekly holiday in the foregoing or posterior or middle of any period is not considered as part of casual leave. Arion has been granted permission to leave his headquarters / district without prior.

  • State employees can be allowed CL of even half day.
  • Casual leave for teachers is calculated from 1 July to 30 June.
  • Casual leave for ministerial employees is counted from 1 January to 31 December.
  • According to the Seventh Pay Commission, 15 casual leave will be payable on the full calendar year from the date of joining the newly appointed employee. In case of incomplete calendar year, the benefit of 1.25 casual leave will be payable by him on a proportional basis for each full month of service. Would be In case of more than this leave, unpaid leave can be approved.
  • As per Rule 122 (A) of Rajasthan Service Rules 1951, a probationary employee in Government service shall not earn any other leave during the probationary period.

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According to the explanation given in relation to casual leave in section lll of Appendix l of the Rajasthan Service Rules, 1951, a State employee is required to obtain prior approval of such leave, except under exceptional circumstances, before consuming casual leave.

As per State Government Order No. P 1 (4) Finance / Rules / 2008 dated February 14, 2012, if a State employee wants to travel private abroad on casual leave, he should give the application of casual leave to the competent officer at least 3 weeks in advance. So that the employee’s leave can be accepted / rejected on time.

  • Delaying for 10 consecutive minutes for three days is considered as a casual holiday. Hence, 1 casual leave of the employee will be deducted.

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According to Finance Department Order F1 (8) University (Rule) / 95 dated 20-2-2002, which is effective from 1-1-2002, this leave will be payable to the employees who retire in the year as follows –

  • Three months or less service remaining – 5 days
  • For more than three months but remaining for six months – 10 days
  • If there is more than six months of service left – 15 days

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This leave of the employee who is not used there will cease on non-vacation or vice versa from vacation and the following leave will be payable at the new place –

  • With a period of three months remaining – 3 days
  • With more than three months remaining – 7 days

Other types of holidays like PL, non-converted leave etc. cannot be availed with CL. Every teacher’s CL Posting registers are required to be maintained.

Special casual leave :

  • For sterilization of 6 days for male employees and 14 days for female employees.
  • 7 days leave to male employee after wife’s sterilization.
  • Prohibition holiday – 21 days holiday in case of contagious disease.
  • Educational leave – Maximum of 10 days in a calendar year payable to the officials of recognized teachers’ unions due for meeting or examination work of secondary education board, seminar approved by the state government, attending seminar etc.
  • Employee players are given 10 days of leave for participation in local-state level tournaments and maximum 30 days in a calendar year for participation in sports at national level.

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Casual Leave and Special Casual Leave

Permanent working employees is entitled to 15 casual leave (CL) in a year. The employee can take up to 10 days of CL at a time.

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