RKSMBK Solutions – How to Use Application

RKSMBK is an ambitious scheme of the state government. (RKSMBK Solutions – Use Application). Under which there is an effort to reduce the learning loss during the Corona period. A mobile application was developed for this by the Education Department, Government of Rajasthan. Its name is “RKSMBK App”.

In this application you have to do all the work online. This app is only for teachers. In this application, you are given coins and certificates for every work. Which keeps you motivated.

This app is for class 3 to 8. Presently the subject of Language and Mathematics is being covered under this. All subject teachers of Hindi, English and Maths subject have to install this app. Practice work is to be done on this app from 10th October.

This exercise will be a mock exam for the exam to be held from 2nd November. Under which all the companions are going to learn the work of OCR on the application. To help you with this task, App Mentor has been engaged.

App Mentor 10 has been installed in each block. Which will provide you the solution to the technical problems facing the app operation.

Whenever you face any kind of problem. The app will provide mentor solutions with immediate effect. This app is here to help you. To make your work easier. It is not a part of the app to harass you in any way. So you should be more and more active in the app.

Some App Screen :

Some app screens are being shared here for you to understand the working.

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