New School UDISE Code Allotment Format : Comprehensive Guide

Education is an important right. Which every citizen of the country should get. Also, good quality education can be ensured to all citizens. The government needs a suitable medium to store and manage all the data related to education. The Government of India has released UDISE (Unified Digital Education Database) codes to fulfill this purpose. Which has been issued to all the schools running in the country. Now whenever a new school starts, it will have to apply for it on its own. So that the code can be issued to the school. For this you have to apply for Format for New School UDISE Code Allotment.

What is UDISE ?

UDISE, i.e. Unified Digital Education Database, is a government identity. It collects data related to education and provides necessary information to the government for policy making in the education sector. This code is different for each school. This includes everything from school infrastructure to results, facilities etc.

UDISE code allotment process for new school :

Some of the following steps have to be taken to complete the UDISE code allotment process for a new school –

  1. Online Registration: The first step is to register online for the new school. The school has to register on the UDISE portal.
  2. Approval and Verification: After the approval process, the required documents of the school are verified.
  3. UDISE Code Allocation: The registered school is allotted a UDISE code, which is used to store all the data of their education organization.

Importance of UDISE Code :

It has the following importance – Format for New School UDISE Code Allotment

  1. Identification of educational institutions : Every school has a unique identity with the UDISE code.
  2. Data collection and systematicity : Through the UDISE code, schools adopt a systematic means of storing their data. This ensures that data is managed securely.
  3. Education policy making : UDISE code is useful for the government to update the data, which can be helpful in formulating education related policies. In the recently prepared National Education Policy 2020, UDISE data 2016 – 17 has also been used as the base line.
  4. Evaluating the progress of the education sector : Through studying the UDISE code data, the government can evaluate the progress of the education sector and take appropriate steps as per the needs.

Issued by Rajasthan School Education Council Jaipur 17 Oct. You can click on the link for a copy of the order of 2023.

Format of application form for new UDISE application.

Format of CBEO Recommendation Letter.

Format – 1 format.

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