Double Work Allowance Rule : The Benefits Of Doing Double Work

Double Work Allowance Rule : The Benefits Of Doing Double Work : The state government may also temporarily appoint a government employee to serve in two independent posts at a time as caretaker.

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In such cases, the salary of that employee will be governed as follows : –

  • No benefit will be payable in the event of the post being subordinate to the post held by the employee.
  • If the post is equivalent or inferior (but not a subordinate position), then the working allowance from 30 days to 60 days is 1.5% of the envisaged salary. If this happens for more than 60 days, then caretaker allowance is payable at 3% of the envisaged salary.
  • Envisaged Salary : This is the sum of basic pay and grade pay in band pay.
  • In the event of holding a higher post, if the government employee has the qualification to hold a higher post, otherwise holds seniority in regular promotion / casual promotion, then he will get the salary of higher post. Otherwise, 30% to 60 days will get 1.5% of the envisaged salary and 3% of the envisaged salary if it is more than 60 days.
  • Holds a higher post but does not fulfill the above conditions, then the employee will be given a maximum of 1.5% of his salary for work beyond 30 days. Work load allowance will not be allowed for more than 6 months. Pre and post public holidays will also be included to calculate the period of work allowance. This allowance will be approved by the appointing officer. (Appendix ix-ii), (F1 (5) Finance Rules / 96 dated 12.09.2008)

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Effective date of new post: –

The newly created post is effective from the day it is filled on a full-time basis. If such newly created post is filled full time initially, then no special salary of any kind can be sanctioned to any employee for the work of that post. (Rule 50 and Rule 35)

Formal order required : –

Whenever a government servant is directed to work in a higher vacancy other than his work, a formal order in writing is issued by the competent authority in this regard.

Rajasthan Civil Services Rules : –

Rule 35 and Rule 50 have been implemented for additional work in state service. Based on these, double work allowance is accepted.

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