Composite School Grant (CSG)

Introduction :

Education is the basis of a prosperous society. It is a fundamental right that should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of their socio-economic background. This amount of CSG is provided under the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan

The Composite School Grant is government-supported educational funding. Whose aim is to increase the quality of education. As well as reducing disparities between different types of schools. The objective of the grant is to strengthen the infrastructure keeping the students in mind.

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Involves developing co-curricular activities. Along with this, fulfillment of daily physical needs of schools has also been included in it.

Financial Provisions:

Enrollment has been made the basis for release of funds under Composite School Grant. U-Dise nominations for 2021-22 have been taken for the session 2023-24.

S. No.Enrollment
CSG Grant
in RS
11 – 3010,0001,000
231 – 10025,0002,500
3101 – 25050,0005,000
4251 – 100075,0007,500
5Above 10001,00,00010,000

The amount of cleanliness item has also been included in CSG.

Note :

Schools which have merged. Nomination is void, grant is not issued to them. This has become possible due to the creation of Aadhaar enrolment.

Work Process :

  • First of all identify the annual requirements of the SMC/SDMC school.
  • Take written proposal of identified needs.
  • Determine the estimated financial cost on the requirements.
  • Form a purchasing committee of four members from SMC/SDMC. In which apart from the President and Secretary, two parents will also be included.
  • The quality of the material purchased should be high.
  • After purchasing materials, maintain cash register, stock register and bill vouchers as per rules.
  • After use, send the utilization certificate to Mr. CBEO.

Use at school level:

S. No. Description
1carpet strip/carpet
2examination stationery
3drinking water Arrangement
4Light bill / Fans
5internet related work
6Competition Organizing / Sports Material / Achievement Certificate Printing
7Blackboard repair and paint / green board / life size mirror
8Photographic details of Employees
9For maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment
10Other useful materials – broom, pot, bucket, mug etc.
12A daily news magazine (mandatory)
13use in teaching learning material
14Other recurring expenditure in the interest of students
15To fill gas in the cylinder of fire extinguisher
16Fare for taking children referred to school health program to hospital
17Annual wear and tear, repair and maintenance (school building, toilet/urinal and other facilities)
18For replacement of non-functioning school equipment

Areas where it cannot be used:

When it comes to spending money, useful areas have already been mentioned. Also mention some areas where you cannot spend even if you want to. These areas are as follows –

  • For purchase of furniture (for students/staff or headmaster)
  • On refreshments etc.
  • Celebrating a festival or taking photographs of a festival.

For cleanliness :

Out of the amount released, 10 percent has been earmarked for cleanliness. Which is to be used in school cleanliness. The instructions for this are as follows –

S. No.Description
1Regular use and maintenance of school toilets/urinals
2For purchase of required materials for cleaning and cleaning of toilet/urinal.
3For minor repairs of toilet/urinal
4To provide running water facility and water tank in toilet/urinal.
5For repair of dispenser and incinerator along with girls toilet.
6On purchasing soap for hand washing for students
7For disposal of waste water and dry waste
8On getting prepared or purchasing garbage bins for keeping in classrooms and school premises.
9To get the drinking water source repaired
10On purchase of sanitizer and soap

Special Note :

Full care must be taken to ensure that the funds provided by the Council are not used elsewhere. If the amount remains after these works. Then you can spend after taking prior permission from the council.

Points to note :

The Council has issued guidelines for the amount of Composite School Grant. But even before spending on these, student interest has been kept paramount. These points are as follows –

  • Activating ICT Lab on priority.
  • Utilization of purchased materials should be ensured throughout the year.
  • During the school inspection, details of the amount of CSG should also be given to ensure that it has been used as per the rules.

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