Meena Manch – Formation in School

Introduction to Meena :-

A girl named Meena has been made a fictional character to understand the various problems of girls in a simple and easy way. School girls are from every class and society. Meena can feel herself connected to the society through the platform.

Meena is an enthusiastic teenager. With which he is suggestive, full of support and a sense of empathy. She also has the power to fight various problems and different types of social obstacles. Meena doesn’t feel hesitant to talk to anyone to solve the problem.

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Social Message in Meena’s stories :-

Meena (a fictional character) lives with her parents, brother Raju, grandmother and her sister Rani. Mittu Parrot is his friend. which is dearest to her. Meena’s stories revolve around children’s life.

Meena’s Stories In the childhood of the child, the girl shows the form of healthy and better relations between the boys’ roles. Meena’s stories do not teach syllbus anyone. The aim of the Meena’s Manch is to increase awareness and provide opportunities to start dialogue.

Read Meena’s story : please visit UNICEF website.

The formation, purpose, and working system of the Meena Manch :-

Meena Manch is an platform for girls in schools, which gives them an opportunity to speak openly. encourages girls to be associated with education, to attend regular schools and to remain vigilant towards gender-based discrimination.

Schemes are on for the development of self-confidence among girls indirectly. Skills to find solutions to problems are also done under the scheme. Planning gives opportunity to develop basic confidence in leadership skills.

Objectives of Meena Manch :-

To enhance the leadership skills of girls. To put forth their views on social issues. With this, most of them girls can complete their school education uninterruptedly. With this objective, this scheme has been implemented.

Meena Manch will be formed in all upper primary (UPS), secondary(SS), senior secondary schools (SSS) across the state.

The obvious objective of the Meena Manch is –

  • Providing a forum for teens to discuss their respective issues.
  • Creating awareness about women rights for women.
  • Spreading information and awareness on community health nutrition and hygiene.
  • Discuss the safety of girl child and resolve with mutual cooperation.
  • Linking all the girls to education and maintaining their stay.

Organisation :-

All the boys and girls of the school will be its members. Various discussions are organized on behalf of Meena Manch. All the children (boys and girls) will be in the lead role in the discussions and activities organized.

A female teacher of the school will be assigned the responsibility of the Meena Manch, which will be called ‘facilitator’. ‘Facilitator’ Meena Manch will not conduct the activities of the platform itself but will guide the girls so that the girls can conduct activities at their own level.

In the absence of female teacher, male teacher will be made in-charge. Who will take over the duties of the Facilitator. But in the case of being male facilitator, every teacher will be required to work in the Visiting School of any teacher or female officer or female worker, Could speak free on After the meena stage is created in the school level.

It will be a permanent platform which will be run every year and the process of operation will also remain as per the instructions. 

Member in the committee :-

  • Class 8 = Girls 5 + Boys 2
  • Class 7 = Girls 5  + Boys 2
  • Class 6 = Girls 5  + Boys 2
  • Class 5 = Girls 3
  • Class 4 = Girls 2
  • Total  =    Girls 20 + Boys 6

A complaint box of This Scheme will be installed in the school campus. In which any girl can tell her problem without writing name. The complaint box will be opened in front of the headmaster in the meeting of Meena Manch. The problem will be resolved in the meeting with immediate effect. The contribution of bhamashah  to this platform will be increased by more funds.

Activities of Meena Manch :- 

  • Children’s attendance
  • School less children
  • Child marriage
  • Dowry
  • Health and cleanliness
  • Gender identity
  • Creating an Education Plan for Your Village
  • To organize a sports competition for girls
  • elling children about Good Touch and Bad Touch
  • Selecting Leadership Qualities for girls
  • Telling the Benefits and Benefits of Sanitary Neptune to Girls
  • To stop tampering with girls while attending school
  • Removing awareness rallies
  • Preventing Sex Fraud Trials

Know more about Meena :- Click Here

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