School After School Program

Introduction :

School life is an important part of a child’s life. But even after education, children should get a chance to learn more and develop. For this, ‘School After School Program’ is an important idea.

This program was started on 5 September 2023 on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. This program has been launched by Mr. Ashok Gehlot on this day.

As the name suggests, school after school. That is, when school is over. Students remained on leave. The teacher remains on leave. Then from whom should the children study? When to study? Some such questions might be roaming in your mind. In this type of situation, children’s education should not be harmed.

After school programs are organized activities that provide children with the opportunity to learn in their own style. This program has been started in all the government schools of Rajasthan. Organize classes on various subjects.

Objective :

The objectives of School After School Program are as follows –

  • To arrange tuition for students after school hours.
  • To continue teaching when the teacher or student is on leave.
  • Providing solutions to thematic doubts.
  • To improve qualitatively in learning level and board examination results.

Program Area:

It is a joint effort of Rajasthan School Education Council and Mission Gyan. Which has been started for the children of class 10 and 12. It has been started for important subjects like Mathematics, Science and Social Science for Class 10 examination. Also, subjects of Mathematics, Biology, History, Political Science and Social Studies of class 12 have been included.

This teaching work will be done through online medium.

Time :

This program will be conducted five days a week from Monday to Friday. The telecast time has been kept from 4:00 to 9:00 pm.

Implementation of the Programme:

These classes will be telecast live regularly on YouTube platform “E-Class”. Also, it can be viewed later as per requirement.

PDF will be provided on Mission Gyan App.

For successful operation of the scheme, the school head has been ordered to make the link available to the children. So that the program can be run successfully.

Students will be able to comment on the video. The comment will be resolved in the next class.


This program will be very effective in increasing the learning level of students. With this, students will be able to learn offline as well as online.

You can also see the order issued by Rajasthan School Education Council.

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