Class 8 Science Chapter 9 Friction

Hello Kids ! In today’s article, we are going to see about the chapter Friction.

Abrasion is a type of contact force that occurs between two surfaces.

The force which opposes the motion of two surfaces in contact is called the force of abrasion.

While you are walking, suddenly your foot hits a banana peel. Your foot slips and you fall. Have you ever wondered how this happened?

Children, as soon as your foot touched the banana peel, the value of frictional force decreased. Due to which your foot slipped.

Hence abrasion is necessary.

Sometimes the value of abrasion decreased, sometimes it increased. How could this happen . It should remain the same. Know the answer to this –

Factors Affecting Friction:

Which – which factors affect the force of abrasion, are used for this –

We take a cell! Keeping a slate on the table, it is allowed to rotate from the top of the slate.

How far does he come rolling! You will note down. Now you will put greasy paper on the table! Will get the cell rolled again. Will note your distance now.

Sails a longer distance this time than the first time.

Abrasion depends on the interlocking of irregularities between two surfaces.

Can’t it be that there is no force of abrasion ? Is it possible?

Harmful but necessary frictional force:

Some such works which are possible only due to abrasion –

You can write on the blackboard.
Can walk
You can write with a pencil.
Can stop the car.

How can the force of abrasion be increased or decreased:

Grip is made more on the bottom side of the shoes. So that easy slippage can be prevented.

Nails are put under the shoes of the players. So that the value of abrasion can be increased.

Big dollies are also made on the tires of tractors only to increase abrasion .

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