Class 8 Science Chapter 8 Force and Pressure

Hello Kids ! In today’s article, we are going to see about the chapter Force and Pressure.

You do many things throughout the day. During this, sometimes you pull the object, sometimes you push it.

Force :

The force that pushes or pulls an object is called force. A force acts on every object.

If two forces are in the same direction then they add up. But if the forces are in two different directions then the forces are reduced.

That is, the total force is either obtained as a result of subtraction, or it is obtained as a result of addition.

Some can understand force in this way. Force and Pressure

If a push is applied to an object from two directions, the resultant of the force will be zero if the object does not move.

Force is necessary to change the position of an object.

Change due to force:

Can bring from rest state to dynamic state.
Can change gait.
Can change direction.
Can change shape.

Type : Force Type :

One thing is clear here that different types of changes take place due to force.

But change is not possible without touch. On this basis, there are two types of forces –

  • contact force
  • non contact force

contact force :

It is clear from the word contact itself that the contact of two surfaces.

Such forces which act on the contact surface due to mutual contact of two surfaces are called contact forces.

Frictional force, muscular force etc. are examples of contact force.

Non-contact force :

It is clear from the word non-contact that there is no contact with each other.

The forces which act without contact between the surfaces are called non-contact forces.

Magnetic force, gravitational force, electrostatic force etc. are non-contact forces.

pressure :

The force exerted on unit area is called pressure.

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