Class 8 Science Chapter 10 Sound

Hello kids! In today’s article, we are going to see about sound.

This English word means sound. Children you always go to school! During this, sometimes the bell rings in the school sequence. Sometimes the bell rings.

Have you ever wondered what this bell is made of?
This vine remains metal.

Why is this bell always made of metal?
Because only metals have the property of soundness.

How sound (sound) proceeds:

When the school bell rings, you can touch it with your hand. You will hear these companies whenever you touch the bell! Or can say his own too! Whenever you hit a hard rod on the bell! Then she starts companies. Similar companies result in income generated.

How do you know in your closed room that someone is coming?
You can identify by the footprint of a person that a parable is coming.

Even if you hit any object made of metal. He generates. Leave Para or Mercury.

Income by Manav :

In humans, it is on the basis of sound or larynx. You search first. After this keep your hand on your throat. You will have experience of companies on ownership. This sound is also caused by companies. When air is through your throat. He gets hit by the tone. is the income arising due to the collision.

Does sound need a medium to travel?
Yes . Sound requires a medium.

What is the human hearing range?
20Hz to 20KHz

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