Class 8 Science Chapter 7 Reaching the Age of Adolescence

Hello kids! In today’s article, we will discuss about the chapter Reaching the Age of Adolescence.

When a man is born, he is unable to procreate. But when he turns a few years old. Then he can breed.

Today we will discuss about the same period when it is capable of reproduction.

Human body keeps on growing since birth, but at the age of 10-11 years, the growth suddenly increases.

At this time the growth is clearly visible. So let’s see about this growth of ours.

Adolescence :

A period of life when changes occur in the body that lead to reproductive maturity.

called adolescence. Reaching the Age of Adolescence

It ranges from 11 years to 18 – 19 years. This stage is also called teenagers.

This is because this word is the age of tinus of English.

Thirteen – Nineteen


Many changes take place in the body during adolescence. Which is called puberty.

Changes during puberty:
increase in length.
Change in body shape.
Change in tone.
Development of reproductive organs.
Coming of mental, intellectual and emotional maturity.
Excessive activation of sweat and oil glands.
Along with this, some minor sexual characteristics also appear.

Hair growing on the face of boys.

Growth of hair around the genitals.

All these qualities are controlled by hormones.

The age of reproductive period in women is till a certain time. Which ranges from 10 – 12 years to 45 – 50 years of age.

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