Class 8 Science Chapter 6 Reproduction in Animals

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Every living being in the universe keeps on creating other living beings like himself.

Reproduction is necessary for the continuity of the species. If there is no reproduction, then the dominance of the particular caste will end. Therefore it is necessary that reproduction should continue.

Reproduction takes place in different ways or rather it can be said that reproduction takes place through different methods.

Methods of reproduction :

Reproduction takes place through different methods – Reproduction in Animals

sexual reproduction
asexual reproduction

sexual reproduction :

In this type of reproduction, two gametes are required, male and female gametes.

A reproduction in which the fusion of male and female gametes takes place. is called sexual reproduction.

Similar reproduction is also found in humans.

In humans, male and female organs are found in two different organisms.

First of all let’s see about the male reproductive organs.

Male reproductive organs:

The following are included in the male reproductive organs –

a pair of testes
two sperm tubes
a penis
The job of the testes is to produce sperms. Relatively low heat is required for the formation of sperms.

For this reason, the testes are found outside the body in the scrotum.

It produces sperms. Sperms are produced in millions.

The sperms produced in the testes are carried by the spermatic cord.

Sperm is the male gamete. Which comes from the ovum of the female.

Female reproductive organs:

The following are included in the female reproductive organs –

a pair of ovaries
a pair of ducts
uterus one

Important point:

First of all, the function of the ovary is to produce the egg cell.

In each month, one mature egg is produced by only one ovary.

The mature egg is released into the fallopian tubes.

From there the egg cell enters the uterus through the fallopian tubes.

Egg cell is also single cell like sperm.

The uterus is the part where the embryo develops.

Fertilization :

When the egg comes in contact with the sperm. Then it fuses the egg.

The fusion of egg and sperm is called fertilization.

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