Class 8 Science Chapter 5 Conservation of Plants and Animals

Hello kids! In today’s article, we are going to see about the chapter Conservation of Plants and Animals.

Animals are found in nature in the forest area. But with the passage of time, the forest areas are slowly getting depleted. Using the land obtained by destroying forests for other purposes is called deforestation.

In today’s time, deforestation is the biggest reason for deforestation.

Reasons for deforestation:

population growth.
Requirement of land for agriculture.
Requirement of land for houses and factories.
For furniture (timber)
as fuel to burn.
As the forests are being cut by nature. Some results of this are also being seen. Which is like this –

Consequences of Deforestation:

Deforestation is increasing the temperature and pollution on the earth.
Carbon dioxide levels are rising.
The habitats of wild animals are disappearing.
Due to which the balance of the ecosystem is deteriorating.
Rainfall rate is decreasing.
The problem of desertification is increasing.
Trees and plants provide us with oxygen gas. Conservation of Plants and Animals

Oxygen is our life breath. So forest area is important for us.

Efforts are being made from time to time by the state and the country for the conservation of forests and wildlife.

Efforts for conservation of forest area:

For the protection of forests, forests have been divided into the following parts.

Sanctuary :

An area where animals and their habitats are protected from any kind of disturbance.

National Park :

A place reserved for wild animals where they can freely consume habitat and natural resources.

Biosphere Reserve:

Wild life, plants and animals are protected for the resources and natural way of living of the tribals of that area. Such places are called biosphere reserves.

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