Class 8 Science Chapter 12 Some Natural Phenomena

Hello Kids ! In today’s article, we are going to see about the chapter Some Natural Phenomena.

Some natural phenomena about which you already know! But still there is much more you should know.

Lightning :
You must have seen sparking due to loose electrical connections in your homes. These are small electric sparks. If this is found at high level when in the clouds! Then it is called lightning.

Passion is of many types. Some Natural Phenomena

Charge by rubbing :
When you rub the comb along the hair and bring it near the small pieces of paper! Then it attracts the pieces of paper towards itself. This charge is generated during rubbing of hair in it.

Similarly, if you take off your woolen clothes in winter, you still see sparks in the woolen clothes.

Do similar charges repel each other?

Do opposite charges repel each other?

Earth Connection:
Sending charge from an object to the earth is called earthing.

To avoid damage or possible accident caused by home appliances, a wire is put in contact with the ground while touching the body of the appliance.

This is called earth contact.

Lightning protection :
At such times (in lightning) no open space is safe.

Hearing the thunder of clouds is a warning to go to a safe place.
After hearing the last roar, one should wait for some time to exit.
A building or house is a safe place.

If on a bus or car, it is a safe place to be when the doors and windows are closed.

Security outside the house:
Open vehicles (bikes, tractors) are not safe.
Did not carry umbrella.
If you are in the forest, take shelter under a small tree instead of a big tree.
There is no place nearby, then sit down on the ground.
As you see in the picture.
Safety inside homes:
Do not touch electrical equipment.
Avoid using the telephone.
Do not come in contact with running water.
TV, computer etc should be unplugged.

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