Class 8 Science Chapter 13 Light

Hello Kids! In today’s article, we are going to know about Light.

Well you already know all this, that without light you are like a blind person.

Light is needed to see any object.

You cannot see anything in a dark room, it becomes visible as soon as the bulb is lit.

That is, to see any object, it is necessary that the light reaches your eyes after falling on that object.

Law of reflection:
The angle of incidence is always equal to the angle of reflection.

Lateral Reflection :
In the image formed by the mirror, the right side of the object is left and the left side is right, then it is called lateral reflection.

Diffused Reflection :
When all parallel rays are not parallel after reflection from a plane surface.

is called diffuse reflection. Light

Regular reflection:
Reflection from a smooth surface like a mirror is called regular reflection.

human eye
It is also a sense organ, which receives the reflected light.

It contains two types of cells.

cone cell
rod cell
Cone cells :
It is sensitive to intense light.

Rod cell :
It is sensitive to dim light.

note :
There is no nerve cell at the junction of retinal and ocular nerves.

This point is called blind point.

A distance of 25 cm is required for the human eye to see a scene clearly.

Eye Care:
Do not look directly at the Sun or any powerful light source.
Wash off with cold water when the dust falls off.
Wash repeatedly with clean water.
Eat food rich in Vitamin A.
For this, intake of milk, curd, cheese, butter, eggs etc. are rich in Vitamin A.

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