Class 8 Science Chapter 11 Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Hello Kids! In today’s article, we are going to see about the chapter Chemical Effects of Electric Current.

You see in daily life, that whenever electrician is called at home. Then he first turns off one of the main switches in the house. After that he works further. If he does not do so, then he puts on rubber gloves. He wears shoes on his feet.

Have you ever thought, why this happens?

Many such questions must be coming in your mind, the answers of which have been tried to provide you in this article.

Before knowing further, let us know what is electricity?

What is called electricity?
What is called electricity?
The energy produced by the flow of electric charges in a conducting wire is called electricity. The flow of electric charge, that is, the movement of electrically charged particles in a certain direction is called ‘Electric Current’.

How many types of electricity are there?
There are two types –
1 – AC (Alternating Current)
2 – DC (Direct Current)

Some substances allow the conduction or flow of electricity easily from inside and some do not allow it to happen easily. On this basis, substances are divided into two parts –

good conductor
poor driver
Conductor :
Substances that easily allow electric current to pass through them. are called good conductors.

All metals like copper, silver, gold, iron etc. are good conductors of electricity.

Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Why are metals good conductors of electricity and heat?
Due to the presence of free electrons.

Inferior Driver :
Substances that do not easily allow electric current to flow through them. are called inferior drivers.

Rubber, dry wood etc. are inferior conductors.

What is the unit of electric current?
ampere (SI unit)

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