Transport Vouchar Scheme – Government of Rajasthan

Transport voucher scheme has been started by the Rajasthan government with the objective of providing financial support to the girls. Was done by the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan, prestigious Vasundhara Raje.

About This Scheme :-

Transport voucher scheme has been launched by the Rajasthan state government to provide compulsory school education to girl child. Girls, studying in government secondary / govt. senior secondary schools in rural areas, falling from a distance of five kilometres are being given the benefit of this scheme.

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Transport voucher is also being extended to girls from the nearest urban (City) school studying in the school of government senior secondary in the rural areas since 2016 – 17. The distance of the school should be more than 5 kilometres. The benefits paid to girls is maximum 20 Rupees or actual rent. whichever is lower will be provided.

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Transport voucher scheme has also been launched by the state government for children age group 6 to 14 from 2017-18. Thereby providing free transport facility for elementary school education.

It will benefit to all students associated to class 1 – 8 studying in govt. school. In rural areas with 1 – 5 at 1 km of residence and govt. upper primary (6-8) schools at 2 km of residence.

Low-populated area gradients where schooling is not feasible. All boys & girls from 6 – 14 age group residing there will be benefited by this Scheme (transport voucher scheme).

Planned girls can avail single or collective transports facility. Understanding girls taking admission in class 9 in the government schools are being benefited by the cycle scheme. Girl can avail the same scheme either of the two.

Order / Format Description
1Excel Sheet 25 Student : Transport all in one By Raj kumar Choudhary
Excel Sheet 50 Student : Transport all in one By Raj kumar Choudhary
Excel Sheet 75 Student : Transport all in one By Raj kumar Choudhary
Excel Sheet 120 Student : Transport all in one By Raj kumar Choudhary
2Transport Voucher Application Format
3SMC Investigation and Recommendation for Transport Scheme
4PEEO Approval for Transport Scheme
5Monthly Information format of transport scheme
6School and PEEO Utility Certificate (UC) for Transport Scheme
7CBEEO & ADPC Utility Certificate (UC) for Transport Scheme
8Guidelines regarding Transport Scheme 2017-18 for classes 1 to 8
9Guidelines for Transport Voucher Scheme for Government Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools
10Order regarding smooth implementation of the scheme in schools based on the guidelines of transport voucher scheme
11Guidelines regarding Transport Voucher Scheme 2018-19

Eligibility required to avail transport voucher scheme :-

1.  Children enrolled till class 1 – 5 of the rural area who have no government primary school for a distance of 1 km from their homestead.

2.  Children enrolled till class 6 – 8 of the rural area who have no government upper primary school for a distance of 2 km from their homestead.

3.  Children enrolled till class 9 – 12 of the rural area who have no government secondary / senior secondary school for a distance of 5 km from their homestead.

4.  Girls coming up for study in nearby urban school when desired faculty is not available whose home is more than 5 km.

5.  Following girls will be eligible for the benefit of the scheme, studying at Swami vivekananda government model school –

  •  All girls of the same panchayat committee that come from more than 2 km in class 6 – 8.
  • All girls of the same panchayat committee that come from more than 5 km in class 9 – 12.

NOTE :- Under the cycle scheme, girls benefited in any year will not be eligible to avail transport voucher scheme.

Rates fixed under this scheme :-

ClassDistance from school to homeMaximum rate per attendance day
1 to 5More than 1 km10 Rupees
6 to 8More than 2 km15 Rupees
9 to 12More than 5 km20 Rupees

For Girls studying in swami vivekananda government school –

ClassDistance from school to homeMaximum rate per attendance day
6 to 8More than 2 km20 Rupees
9 to 12More than 5 km25 Rupees

Operation of the transport voucher scheme :-

1.  The TVS will be managed at the state level by the (RSEC) rajasthan secondary education council and the school level managed by school development and management committee.

2.  Formation of group of all the students as required by the School Development Committee / SDMC / Development Fund at the beginning of each academic session. Simultaneously, providing the facility of local group transport for the entire session.

3.  The school development and management committee will determine the monthly fare for group transport. The maximum limit of which may be to the extent of the amount mentioned above. The transport provider will be able to arrange transport facility from person to person.

4.  In the event of the parents not availing collective transport facility, the girl may be made available for submission of a written application, in case of the above mentioned amount or actual expenditure, whichever is less.

Financial management of this scheme :-

1.  nstallments will be provided by the state government to rajasthan council of secondary education for operating the transport voucher scheme.

2.  There shall be ensuring continuous availability of funds  to the school development fund and school management committee by the rajasthan council of secondary education.

3.  The advance money is released from the state government for the transport voucher scheme, But due to some reason delay the institution will pay advance against the development of the principal school & adjustment will be made on receipt of fund (TVS) from the council.

Process of payment under this scheme :-

1.  Application from has to be submitted in the prescribed format for availing benefits of transport voucher scheme thought eligible students / parents.

2.  The decision of the institution head to benefit the transport voucher scheme will be decide to SMC /SDMC . After examining the facts provided in the application form.

3.  The prescribed amount of lump sum payment to transport facility provider by the SMC / SDMC shall be in due course of the amount recieved from state government.

4.  Payment to be made by SMC / SDMC to girl students will be credited to there bhamashah account / self saving account. Case amount will not be disbursed.

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Monitoring and supervision :-

The transport voucher scheme will be monitoring and supervision as under –

1.  On the state level : By the council of rajasthan secondary education.

2.  On the district level : By the district level executory committee formed under the chairmanship of the district collector of rajasthan secondary education council.

3.  On the block level : By the CBEEO.

4.  On the panchayat level : By the PEEO.

5.  The school level will be monitored and supervision by SMC / SDMC.

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