NCERT Class 10 Science Hand Written Notes

Hearty congratulations to all of you on this platform. Today we are going to discus NCERT Class 10 Science Hand Written Notes. How can you get handwritten notes. As you know that class 10th is an important stage of your career. From this every boy and girl chooses the future for himself.

Class 10 marks contribute a lot to make the choice. Here we are going to prepare you a way to make your choice. Friends, how should you get the NCERT syllabus based notes ready in advance. Here the notes prepared by the subject teachers are being provided. In which you have also been provided with live support.

All this you are going to get only in nominal payment. With all this, you can also do quizzes. You can access whenever you want. Your smart phone will be your book. The same would be hand written notes. You can also get video solutions along with them. Right now you will be able to access whatever chapter of class 10 you want.

Class 10 Chapter Description :

S. No.DescriptionDownload
1.Chemical Reactions and EquationsClick Here
2.acids, bases and saltsClick Here
3.metals and non-metalsClick Here
4.carbon and its compoundsClick Here

Chapter 5-9 :

5.biological processClick Here
6.control and coordinationClick Here
7.How do organisms reproduce?Click Here
8.heredityClick Here
9.Light – Reflection and RefractionClick Here

11-16th Chapter :

10.human eye and the colorful worldClick Here
11.electricClick Here
12.Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentClick Here
13.our environmentClick Here

Handwritten notes of all chapters have been made available on Vivaan Classes App by clicking on the link you can install the app –

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