Absentee Statement Under G.A.40/GA & FR RULE 154

Absentee Statement : The monthly salary bill shall be supported by an absentee statement in form G.A.40.

GA 40

All of service rule release by head of finance department. The detailed rule of GF & AR volume 1 on 154.

Absentee statement is supported by monthly salary bill if any Government servant was absent during the month either on special duty or suspension, or with or without leave other than casual leave, or when a post is list vacant substantively whether any officiating arrangements have or have not been made against it.

How to Fill & Process the Absentee Statement

Fill the all of entry serial no., name of absent staff, post of absent staff, tariff of wages, living period tariff of wages, absence description etc. Absentee statement will be attached with the salary bill at back side, there after presented to the department DDO for seal and signature. DDO will check the filled format and put his seal and signature at right bottom side of the form. After DDO seal and signature, the form will be processed by the head of treasury officer. Then the check out head of treasury officer and file. If form is correct, they will process monthly salary bill. In case not cleared, they will shout observations on monthly salary bill and revert to head of department DDO. DDO will clear all the objections and salary bill will be resubmitted to treasury office.

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Whenever an absenteee statement accompany a Salary Bill, printed certificate not required on the salary bill should be struck out.

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