Class 8 Science Chapter 8 Cell – Structure and Functions

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Hello kids! In today’s article, we are going to see about Cell – Structure and Functions.

The basic and functional unit of the body is the cell.

Just like the construction of a house is not possible without bricks and stones. In the same way cells are required for the construction of the body.

Without it the construction of the body is impossible. Cell – Structure and Functions

Hooke first saw the cell. But this structure was actually a dead cell of the cork.

The body of every living being is made up of cells. On the basis of number of cells, organisms are of two types –

  • unicellular
  • multicellular

Unicellular :

Organisms whose body is made up of a single cell. Example – Amoeba.

Multicellular :

Organisms whose body is made up of more than one cell. Example – Human.

A covering is found around the animal cell, which is called the cell membrane. In plants, another covering is found around it, which is called cell wall.

Different parts of the cell:

Various cell organelles are found inside the cell.

cell wall
cell membrane
green cleaver

Cells are also of two types on the basis of development. Which is as follows –

  • prokaryotic cell
  • eukaryotic cell

The green color of the cell is due to the presence of chloroplast.

Mitochondria is called the powerhouse of the cell.

Cell wall is found only in plant cells. It is absent in animal cells.

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