Class 8 Science Chapter 6 Combustion and Flame

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Hello kids! In today’s article we are going to see Chapter 6. The name of the chapter will be Combustion and Flame. First of all let’s talk about combustion, what is combustion?

Combustion :

When a substance burns in the presence of oxygen. Then it is called combustion. Substances that burn. They are called combustible material.

Examples of combustible material are wood, coal etc. This solid, liquid and gas can be in any one state.

ignition temperature :

The minimum temperature at which a substance starts burning. is called the ignition temperature.

It can be understood in this way. Combustion and Flame

If you take a paper cup.
When the cup is placed directly in the flame, the cup ignites.
Now you fill water in the cup.
After filling water in the cup, the cup does not burn.
With this, the water starts heating up slowly.
From this you can conclude that every substance requires a certain temperature to burn. Which is called ignition temperature.

One thing to think about here is that not all substances burn.

Substances that burn. The substances are called inflammable.

For example, alcohol, petrol, LPG etc.

Such substances which do not burn are called non-flammable substances.

For example stone, glass iron etc.

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