Class 8 Science Chapter 5 Coal and Petroleum

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Hello Kids ! In today’s article, we will learn about Coal and Petroleum.

You edit different types of tasks throughout the day. All these require energy.

Do you know, you also need energy to do work.

If the supply takes place during respiration. That’s how you eat.

The food is first cooked. After this it is eaten.

You use wood, coal etc. to cook food.

These are called fuel. Along with this soil, air, water, minerals are also found.

In nature these are called resources. There are two types of resources here.

Resource Type:

There are two types –

natural resources
artificial resources

Types of resources on the basis of availability:

renewable natural resources
exhaustible natural resources

Renewable Natural Resources:

Natural resources that will never run out. are called renewable natural resources.

For example, sunlight, air etc.

Exhaustible natural resources:

These resources are found in limited quantities. (Coal and Petroleum)

If they are not used in a limited way, they will expire.

Like forests, wildlife, coal, minerals etc.

coal :

It is a fossil fuel. It is used for cooking in homes.

The slow process of transformation of dead vegetation into coal is called carbonization.

Carbon dioxide gas is released when coal is heated in the presence of oxygen.

Coke, bitumen and coal gas are obtained from this.

Coke is used in the industrial manufacture of steel.

Bitumen is a black thick liquid with an unpleasant odor. Which is made up of about 200 substances.

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