Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Crop Production and Management

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Hello kids! In today’s article, we will look at Class 8 Maths Chapter 1. The name of the chapter will be crop production and management. (Crop Production and Management). When only one kind of plant is planted in a large area. Then it is called a crop.

First of all, what are the different types of crops?

  • Monsoon crops
  • Winter crops

Which crops are grown when? When this is taken care of, then –

Kharif crop:

The Kharif crop is sown in the month of June. Along with this, it is harvested in the month of September. When it comes to example. Then the names of millet, paddy, groundnut, cotton, soyabean come to the fore.

Rabi crop:

Rabi crops are sown in the month of October. Or it can be said that it is sown in the winter season. With this let’s talk about harvesting. Then harvesting is done in the month of February to March. Some examples of rabi crops are as follows. Mustard, mustard, wheat, barley, gram, peas etc.

Cropping Practices:

To grow the crop, the farmer has to do many works from time to time. This is where all the cropping systems are called. Some of the cropping systems are as follows-

  • soil preparation
  • to sow
  • Manure and Fertilizer
  • watering down
  • weed protection
  • harvesting at maturity
  • to store

watering down :

Giving water to the crop from time to time is called irrigation. Various methods are used for irrigation. Which is as follows.

  • Modern methods for irrigation
  • traditional methods of irrigation

irrigation : Traditional methods

Traditional methods :-

In our country India, until there was no development of technology in the past for irrigation. At that time people used different methods for this at their own level. Some of those methods are given below.

  • Mot (Pulley)
  • chain pump
  • dhekli
  • rahat (lever mechanism)

Modern Methods (Irrigation) :

  • sprinkler system
  • drip system

Sprinkler System :

Drip System :

Source (Irrigation) :

Class 8 Science Solutions:

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